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The IT company SoftDen offers to order the development of a microservice architecture on favorable terms with a product quality guarantee. We will help you to create client and server microservices for solving various tasks. Learn more about the service and make sure it is effective for your business!

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Advantages of microservices

Microservices are compact modules, the preparation of which takes up to several weeks. They cover only one area of business. The idea of a microservice architecture is to divide a monolithic application into a set of smaller, interconnected services with their structure.

Compared with integrated systems, microservices have many advantages:

  • improved tracking of technical characteristics and operating mode;
  • reduced risk of stopping the entire system due to an error in one area;
  • provision of fast and frequent deployment of new versions;
  • free choice of development technology;
  • improvement of system stability;
  • independent scaling of each service.

Microservices are a recommended solution if it is necessary to frequently test new functions, check the reaction of users to innovations.

Compared with integrated systems, microservices have many advantages:

Administration/configuration of Kubernetes

We will help you to create centralized management of the cluster configuration and configuration of microservices launched on the Kubernetes platform. We implement mechanisms for managing images and components of microservices. We will develop automation of DevOps processes and tools, taking into account the specifics of services.

Docker Administration/Configuration

Docker is a distributed application management platform for developers and administrators. The product provides an environment for launching containers and tools to distribute and manage them. We will help you to set up the management of microservices through this system.

Development of microservice architecture

We will design and implement services, help to create client and server applications, heterogeneous microservices using technologies that are optimal for the process they perform. Let us know your requirements – the company's employees will find the required solution.

Migration of applications to containers

Application migration is simplified when using containers. The method ensures the immutability of the infrastructure before deployment. Containerization increases flexibility – individual application elements are placed in separate containers that interact via API.

SoftDen employees, if necessary, will help to supplement the platform with mechanisms for monitoring microservices and collecting aggregated information about their work. You will be able to effectively diagnose the state of services, detect emergencies and automatically respond to them.

The microservices created by us have a high degree of security. At the request of the customer, we will build and implement the necessary mechanisms for authorizing access to services on the platform or help to develop a project based on IAM microservice architecture (IdentityandAccessManagement).

Are you interested in what advantages microservices will bring to your company? Contact us for a free consultation. We will answer your questions and provide examples of solutions that you can implement with our help. We are waiting for your call or message!

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