Microsoft Azure

This is a cloud platform that contains a catalog of services for any task. It is suitable for small companies and corporations, various organizations, and even individuals. With Microsoft Azure, you can create and run applications, and then manage them in multiple clouds or locally. There is a set of tools from which you can choose the right ones for your business needs.

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What is it suitable for

  • medicine to develop solutions for patient care
  • finances for better customer service and employee empowerment
  • politics: creating solutions for better service to citizens
  • trade to get more opportunities
  • manufacturing to respond more quickly to the market and feedback from your customers

If you want to configure cloud technology for any field, we do it from a scratch and can organize migration from cloud to cloud or from the data center. Besides the configuration, we also provide full support for cloud technologies, so that you can deal with the company's affairs and not worry about the IT infrastructure.

About services

Benefits and differences from other services

License savings and free subscription renewals

When you switch to Azure, you will receive a reduced tariff plan and a free security update for 3 years.


The platform has been serving corporate clients for over 30 years. It now has 68,000 partners and 90+ certificates to offer customers as many opportunities as possible.


You get comprehensive protection for your data, as Azure constantly employs over 3,500 security experts. Plus, they invest more than a billion dollars in the development of new means of protection every year.

Creating applications conveniently

You can use open-source, so the application creation is all by you. You can choose the language, tools, and environment you need.

Constant implementation of alternative solutions

Microsoft is constantly developing new technologies to increase user convenience and provide more tools to work with.

With Azure, you can place your apps closer to your users, as the platform operates in 60+ regions and over 140 countries around the world.

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