Monitoring and logging to protect business processes

The IT company SoftDen offers to order the development of monitoring and logging systems. Log Management and Monitoring are actions and processes used to create, collect, centralize, analyze, transfer, store, archive and delete data. Management tools are used to process logs created by systems, applications, software, or users in accordance with an algorithm that meets the needs of the organization. We will help you to determine the optimal plan for monitoring and logging operations occurring in your company's business systems, implement the plan in practice and integrate it into general processes.

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3 reasons to implement monitoring and logging

LogManagement – software tools that allow companies to monitor the level of security and system performance using log files, detect and respond to system errors and cyber threats. System installation will help to:

Constantly maintain system performance at a given level.

Log history contains important information about the performance characteristics of applications and infrastructure. You can sort the data and analyze it. Otherwise, the keys to performance improvement, troubleshooting, security, and business intelligence lie in isolated storage places and are ignored. With the help of unified tools, you can speed up application processing, monitor and troubleshoot problems in real time, improve security parameters and compliance with established requirements.

Save time.

Centralized monitoring and logging speeds up log data processing. Summary list browsing is an effective way to assess problems and determine their main cause. Built-in analytics allows you to identify trends and solve problems at each stage of development. DevOps specialists can analyze significant amounts of data faster and more accurately than before. Easy-to-use dashboards and visualizations help to understand and translate events, increase visibility.

Ensure a high level of security.

The log data contains important information about potential security events. Increasing the speed of threat detection gives IT specialists the opportunity to quickly take adequate measures. With the help of a unified monitoring and logging system, Softden will help you to prevent hacking, detect indicators of compromise (IOC). Integrated threat analysis is included in infrastructure security offers.

Solutions that work – professional logging and monitoring

Modern log management tools will help to improve monitoring and troubleshooting, increase security and support key business ideas. The IT company SoftDen uses proven logging tools in its work – Grafana, ELKstack, Prometheus, Logstash, Zabbix, CloudWatch, AzureMonitor, etc. Each program differs in its functionality, capabilities and the range of tasks to be implemented. We will help you to choose the desired option based on existing and prospective conditions.

Don't you know how to implement Log management and Monitoring based on existing business systems? Contact our company. We will tell you the right solution! Ask us any questions you are interested in. A free consultation is a way to get the most complete information on the topic. We are waiting for your call.

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