Digital Ocean

This is a fairly simple cloud technology provider. It is suitable for developers and small applications. It does not offer a wide range of multiple services, such as AWS. You can only order the infrastructure as a service, ie laaS. But DigitalOcean has 2 chief advantages over other platforms: easy setup and low price, which makes this option a good start.

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DigitalOcean Pros

  • the ability to make several multiple servers with only 1 account
  • easy setup, so you don't have difficulties starting your business
  • supports various operating systems
  • you only pay for what you use
  • simple and user-friendly interface
  • low and flexible prices that vary depending on your tasks
  • detailed textbooks and FAQs to help you understand it fast


Comparison table with AWS

DigitalOcean AWS
Who it`s for Application developers Everyone involved in large-scale projects
Key feature Fast start and low prices compared to competitors A large set of services that can be selected for any task
Security & Safety Basic security tools A set of tools that will protect data and identify potential threats
Types of clouds Provides infrastructure as a service and software Includes various sets: infrastructure, platform and software as a service
Mobile interface Available Not available

But keep in mind that both services have cons. For example, DigitalOcean has a small selection of regions. AWS has hidden payments, is not suitable for those who just need a server, has a complex process of running multiple instances of applications. Also, using both types, you cannot install the system yourself.

About services

Who is better?

DigitalOcean is not a competitor to AWS, as they have a different target audience. It is more suitable for developers and application builders. Besides, it allows you to get started quickly. But we choose AWS in most cases because of its popularity, although we don't always need a set of its services.

If you need a fast start, a simple interface, and a cheap price, then DigitalOcean is perfect. It will provide everything you need. But if you are looking for different tools for business, it is better to choose AWS.

If you already have infrastructure on Digital Ocean you can order complex support of your infrastructure.

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