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Imagine you have installed and configured a server for your business to solve a specific task. You use it, everything works fine, but for no reason it crashes and, for example, your website stops working, and the mail does not receive letters from potential buyers. As a result, you lose customers and money. To prevent this from happening, there are 2 options: hire a system administrator or order remote server support. The specialist will be able to prevent such a problem or solve it quickly.

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About service

What is server administration

When you order a support or maintenance service, the administrator will be able to remotely maintain the server, fix problems, and quickly restore the functionality. This is done through special software. In this case you don’t need to hire an employee. The problem is solved by a specialist who learns about it through your request or monitoring signal. And your employees help is not necessary, they can go about their business.


Business Benefits

Let's compare with an individual staff member

You don’t have to look for a specialist.

It can take several months, because it’s hard to find people with appropriate experience. But in case of remote support, you get help immediately.

You don’t have to pay more.

A staff member is not always needed, but you need to pay him a salary, organize a workplace, pay taxes, and so on.

You get a guarantee.

It’s not a fact that a staff member can handle a problem. And a remote specialist will definitely solve your problem because he takes money for a particular service. Plus, employees of the company face different situations in their field every day, so they know how to solve them.

You get a quick response.

After a working day, for example, a staff member would not solve the problem immediately and would leave it for tomorrow. And the company’s specialist will solve it now, so there will be no losses.

Server`s types

We work with such servers


  • Linux
  • Windows

By Type

  • Physical
  • Virtual
  • Cloud services (AWS, GCP, Azure, Digital Ocean)

Plus, we work with the following services

  • Active directory;
  • Mail servers;
  • Web servers;
  • File servers;
  • Database servers;
  • DNS servers;
  • Terminal servers;
  • VPN servers;
  • VMware;
  • HyperV;
  • KVM;
  • and many more.

Our benefits

Advantages of working with us

Here's why you should order remote support and maintenance of server infrastructure from us

24/7 Monitoring.

Servers are always monitored, so we prevent problems before they appear.

Attitude to customers.

The main thing for us is that you are satisfied, would like to advise us and use our services in the future.


Everything depends on the needs of the client, so we adjust the price for each client.

Reaction time.

It is fixed, so you will definitely get help within the previously agreed deadlines.

Approach to each individual.

We will discuss and take up the non-standard task without problems.


We adhere to international standards for handling confidential information.


Transparent prices, no surprises.

Standard Premium Enterprise
Monitoring 24/7
Support 24/7
Included time for service works 15 50 Not limited
Included time for changes 5 15 50
Response time for incident Up to 2 h Up to 1 h Up to 30 min
Response time for changes Up to 6 h Up to 4 h Up to 2 h
Express audit
Minimum servers count 10 25
Service priority
Price (for server) From 100$ From 200$ From 250$
Choose Choose Choose

* working time - Mon-Fri 9.00-18.00, Kyiv time

** Service works - works initiated from our side for support service stability and security (software updates, check all service works correctly, monitoring data analysis, log analysis, backups check, configuration changes needed for increasing high-availability, and fault-tolerance and others)

* * * works for changes - works which initiated from the customer for change service configuration. Works that required architecture changes or adding new services billed separately.

* * * * price for a server depends on servers software and functionality

* * * * * works after included time billed separately from 15$/hour

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