Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD): business benefits

CI/CD is a part of DevOps methodology. Continuous integration and deployment is a set of techniques and advanced practices for working on IT projects. When using the method, the development team can make changes to the code quickly and more often. The introduction of CI/CD pipeline is an effective way to work on business projects and their development.

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The IT company SoftDen will help to implement the principles of continuous integration in the work of business systems of your enterprise. Find out what is the benefit of implementing Continuous Integration and deployment and the features of the method.

CI-continuous integration

CI method requires the developer to periodically commit code changes to the version repository. It is recommended to publish edits at least once a day. This approach makes it easier and faster to identify errors and other problems with the quality of development, to eliminate them promptly without delays in the main processes. The purpose of using continuous integration is to provide a consistent and automated way to create and test your application.

CD – continuous deployment

CD automates the process of applications implementation and making changes to the code in the prepared server infrastructure. Developers create software using environments that are suitable for certain stages of work. The key feature is the automation of the change deployment process for all used environments and the implementation of the necessary additional mechanisms (for example, sending a request to the server, executing SQL queries, configuring notifications or restarting, etc.).

Continuous testing

CI and CD require continuous testing. The purpose of the operation is to provide the end-user with high-quality applications and code. CT is implemented as a set of automatically executed tests. The process usually constitutes a part of the CI/CD process (pipeline).

Benefits of continuous integration and deployment

Increasing competitiveness in the market due to faster product introduction

An organization using CI / CD method can implement an application faster than competitors working on classical technology. Automation has a positive impact on business development.

Increased productivity

Developers do not need to worry about the quality and operability of the code. It is automatically checked during continuous delivery, and deployment occurs for a record that has a certain standard. The approach minimizes the risk of human error and reduces the delays of the entire process.

High-quality code

Automation allows programmers to focus on development without spending time analyzing the production environment in which the code is running, and there is no need to manually start this process.

Timely implementation of the project with minimal financial costs

Automation of the processes of integration, deployment, and implementation of software significantly reduces the cost of the project and speeds up the preparation time. Quick error detection helps to respond on time and not worry about the integration being performed, since in CI / CD function, integration is performed by itself.

CI/CD tools

The idea of continuous integration is based on the use of tools that support this process. One of them is Source Code Management System (SCM). The software is used to track changes in the source code, helps development teams combine changes created by different programmers. Popular versions of the system are Bitbucket, Github.

Other tools are systems that support the creation, testing, and implementation in the continuous integration mode. Recommended versions are Gitlab, Jenkins, CircleCI, Travis, etc.

SoftDen – a result based on continuous integration

We invite you to use the services of our IT specialists and order the implementation of continuous integration processes based on an already working or new business system. We will help you to decide on the feasibility and possibility of using the method in relation to the working conditions and field of activity of your company, we will develop and implement the project partially or on a turnkey basis. Contact us to clarify the details of cooperation.

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