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Now, people more and more are thinking about cloud technologies when creating a business infrastructure. In simple terms, these are technologies that allow users to provide computing power as an online service. There are several types of cloud services: IaaS, Paas, and SaaS. They mean infrastructure as a service platform as a service, and software as a service, respectively. We are setting up any of them. If you need cloud services support, follow the link. The primary advantage is that you do not care about software, operating system, and so on, but just use the programs you need.

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Types of cloud technologies

Public cloud

Many users have access to the same infrastructure at once. The owner fully handled the management and maintenance, and customers simply use the resources. This cloud is suitable for both companies and individuals.

Private cloud

Here, you are the only one who uses the cloud resources and controls them. The location of the infrastructure for management can be different: inside the customer's facilities, on the premises of the operator, or partially in 2 places at once. It's the best option if you need full control over the cloud and adjusts it only to your tasks.

Hybrid cloud

This is an option that combines all the advantages of public and private cloud. Standardized or own technologies connect all objects. On top of that, you can transfer data or software between components.


Cloud technology for business: 4 benefits

The primary advantage for users of cloud services is that they do not have to buy expensive equipment and spend a lot of money and time at once building infrastructure. They simply pay a small amount for rent and get those resources they need to work now. So, here are another few benefits of cloud technology for business

Start-up costs

If you decide to build IT infrastructure independently, you will need to spend at least a few tens of thousands of dollars. And this is not for the biggest company. If you decide to work in the cloud, your start-up costs would be less and you will build infrastructure faster.

IT infrastructure maintenance

Keep in mind that after creating the infrastructure you have to maintain it: rent, staff salaries, security, electricity, etc. As a result, you will spend about 30% of the cost of building the infrastructure per year. The picture is different while using the cloud - you pay according to your needs. Plus, the cost of rent is several times less.

Save money

Update software, install new software, and so on. Now, it also costs money. You don't think about it using PaaS because you pay once a month and exploit abundant resources.

Use of computer resources at the right time

You choose when and how many resources you will use to work.


Our services

  • we make configurations from scratch, so you can contact us if you just understand what your goal is
  • expand the infrastructure so that you can start the expansion of the company
  • support the infrastructure in the cloud so that you do not face problems while working
  • we organize migration from the data center to the cloud and from the cloud to the cloud


What cloud services do we work with?


This is one of the most used cloud platforms in the world, which provides over 200 services. Startups, large corporations, government agencies, and almost any business uses it to grow faster, reduce IT infrastructure costs, and scale applications.

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This is a cloud platform that contains a catalog of services for any task. It is suitable for small companies and corporations, various organizations, and even individuals.

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This is an emerging set of cloud services from Google. They based the work of each of them on experience and use of their products. Google Cloud Platform includes network services, data computing, data storage, calculation, Big Data, and Machine Learning.

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This is a fairly simple cloud technology provider. It is suitable for developers and small applications.

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Hetzner Cloud

Hetzner Cloud is a new product from Hetzner, which has proved itself in the dedicated server market. Now you can combine dedicated servers and cloud resources into one ecosystem.

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If you need to build an IT infrastructure quickly and with minimal start-up costs, spend less money on maintenance and use only the resources you need, pay attention to the cloud. We can organize migration from a data center or cloud, configure everything from scratch and keep maintaining your business in the future.

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