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The IT company SoftDen offers to order DevOps consulting. The service is focused on the business strategy, needs, and success of the client. The introduction of the method increases the overall efficiency and flexibility of work processes by accelerating the implementation of solutions, improving the quality of services and the level of service.

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Just imagine – your company can radically simplify digital processes. The introduction of a product or update, which previously took a month and required the involvement of 20-30 specialists, can be performed by one person in 1-2 days. SoftDen can help to achieve exactly this through the use of development and operations – the methodology of active development.

Consulting Services DevOps from SoftDen

The company's offer includes seven main techniques and methods for creating and managing processes:

Cloud migration.

Cloud storage serves as a safe for your data. You do not need capital expenses to buy and maintain the equipment. Take advantage of the potential of our methods, knowledge, tools, and experience. We will help you to implement issues related to migration to the cloud, help you to optimize resources, and quickly achieve business goals.


Continuous integration allows you to implement design, development, testing, and deployment in practice with confidence and speed. The studio team will help to ensure smooth and efficient workflows, fault tolerance, reliability, and scalability.

Infrastructure as a code

Infrastructure as a code is a service that offers basic computing resources, storage services, and network resources on demand. The tool helps to reduce the costs of maintaining a local data center, reduce equipment costs and get real-time business analytics.

Configuration management.

Configuration management is the process of maintaining servers and software in the desired state through changes. The procedure includes the determination of the required indicators, creation and maintenance of these systems. Consulting of the region will determine the indicators of the systems that need to be updated, reconfigured, or fixed.

Cloud infrastructure.

From analyzing and preparing migration, transferring resources to configuring and launching a new service, the company's employees will help with the transfer of any large databases of data systems to the cloud.

Logging and Monitoring.

We will help you to establish 24/7 monitoring of the system – automatically record performance indicators. Pop-up error logs will tell about deviations from the norm. Identify situations on time by logging and take measures to prevent them.

Deployment strategy

The deployment strategy determines how the source files are written. This method allows you to avoid downtime when making updates, installing microservice modules, etc.

Cost optimization.

Automation of business systems will allow you to optimize business costs. We will help you to find an IT solution to stimulate expenses and reduce expenses while maximizing the value of the enterprise.


Kubernetes is a container-oriented management environment, an open-source platform that automates the deployment, scaling, and monitoring of container applications.


Docker is an open application development environment designed for DevOps. With the help of the system, specialists can easily create, pack, deliver and run applications in the form of portable, self-sufficient containers.

Software-defined networking.

A software-defined network (SDN) is a network that uses software controllers or application programming interfaces (API) to communicate with the underlying hardware infrastructure and direct network traffic.

Software-defined storage.

Software-defined storage (SDS) differs from the traditional use of network options (NAS) and storage networks (SAN). Unlike hardware-oriented methods, the product is managed by a virtual environment. The software layer is abstracted from physical devices and guarantees durability. SDS software can be configured to manage data duplication policies, replication, selective resource allocation, snapshots, and backups, etc.

Do you have any questions about the way of cooperation, don’t you know what methods of DevOps consulting are primarily needed by enterprises? Leave your contact details, the manager will help you to choose the best consulting option for the content. Contact us now!

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