Amazon Web Services

This is one of the most used cloud platforms in the world, which provides over 200 services. Startups, large corporations, government agencies, and almost any business uses it to grow faster, reduce IT infrastructure costs, and scale applications.

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5 benefits of the service



AWS is suitable for everyone: from startups to big business, which is constantly developing. The primary advantage is that the cloud grows with your business.


No obligations

There are no minimum costs because they calculate tariffs by time. If you stop using the service, you do not pay for it. Therefore, the platform is suitable for those who do not want to overpay for services they do not use.



Here, AWS has lots to offer: 24/7 support to solve problems, modern technologies to ensure the protection of your data, and compliance with international standards such as HIPPA, GDPR and others. Plus, special services that track access and multifactor authentication.



They achieve that because of a huge team of technical experts. Those who use AWS report that the data connection is always safe and secure. Therefore, you will have no problem when you cannot access the required data.



You will choose a programming language, database, and services to make the platform fit your needs.


What is it suitable for

  • financial services: banking services, payments, stock markets, and insurance
  • making games for any platforms and any genres
  • medicine to treat patients more effectively, guide them from discovering the disease to treatment and reduce costs
  • media to develop faster at any stage: from content creation to its publication and distribution
  • travel to improve customer service

We make settings from scratch, expanding the current infrastructure, and can organize migration from a data center or cloud. We can also make the platform fit your needs and then maintain its performance and make sure that you always have valuable resources.

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