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A server - is a computer with more power that is capable of performing many tasks at once. It is connected 24 hours a day to the Internet and is needed to store data and provide it quickly to certain users. Other computers or servers may also connect to the server. To work properly, it needs to be installed and then configured for your tasks.

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Why do you need a server

Many people in companies still store important data on the computer of the chief accountant or director. Keep in mind that losing them in this case is quite simple. Someone even can accidentally delete the important information. In the case of a server you can configure backup and restrict access for each co-worker individually. Plus, the servers are always connected to uninterrupted power supply and the Internet to avoid problems during operation.

Here are the main advantages of the server for business

  • Allows the introduction of new technologies and the expansion of infrastructure
  • Provides access to information at any time
  • Protects company data from third-party threats
  • Restricts access for each co-worker individually, depending on the position
  • Allows all staff to work in a single system

Typical server functions

Centralized Access Control

You can configure access for each individual. Also, if a staff member gets sick there will be no situation that important documents are only on his computer.

Internet gateway

You can configure an Internet gateway to protect the network from external threats. It will also allow you to constantly increase the number of people in the office who use the Internet.


The server will allow you to make your own corporate mailbox, which enhances the company's image and ease of use.


The server can help you to manage the project in a single system to save time and have access to all necessary resources at once.

Why configuration should be done by a specialist

Keep in mind that the operation of the whole company depends on the stability of the server. If a malfunction occurs, it interferes with everyone’s work at once, and you lose money and don’t get it done on time. Configuring a server is a complex procedure that consists of a large number of steps. Therefore, it is better to pay for the setup once and not to worry that the server can complicate the work of the company rather than facilitate it.

How to configure the server

Let's deal with each stage separately

Definition of tasks

The specialist determines how many people will work with the server, what tasks it has to perform, how much information the server has to process and what will proceed on it. This step determines whether the server will perform the tasks and facilitate the work.

Hardware/Cloud Selection

Depending on the objectives, the specifications of the server are selected: processor, amount of RAM, type of disk, number of power supply units, hard disks or the SSD.

Software Selection

The Specialist selects programs according to which functions the server should perform. At this stage the budget is taken into account, because there is paid software and free.

Installation and initial setup

When hardware and software are selected, the server has to be pre-configured to run it. Also at this stage, things, that are required, are additionally installed.

Configuring and Testing Services

During this time, we check the software for performance, set up monitoring system and make backup copies to avoid problems during use.


Any server requires regular maintenance and verification. Even if it is perfectly configured.

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  • All employees are certified and trained, so they know how to solve any problem
  • We work 24/7, so there will be no situation when at the end of the working day there is an unresolved problem
  • We accept tasks of any complexity and look for an individual solution for your business
  • We set a price for each client individually to make our services profitable

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