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SoftDen is an IT company that offers to order a data backup and recovery service for small, medium and large business. We guarantee that all valuable information will be reliably protected from removal or destruction. In case of a hardware failure, error, or cyberattack we instantly restore the system's operability. Specialists will help you to choose a suitable option to store a copy of the database – a software solution, placement in cloud storage, an integrated software and hardware complex.

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Minimizing the risks of database loss

A server failure, malicious software, or a human factor can cause the loss of some or all of the data. An effective data backup and recovery strategy will help to ensure the protection of your business and a quick return to normal operation.

Backup is the procedure for creating backup copies, their further archiving in case of a system failure and loss of working information. Data can be saved in real time or according to the schedule. The frequency is determined based on:

  • the frequency of data entering and the volume of information entered into the database;
  • the type of files to be saved;
  • the level of the total load on the hardware.

There are the following types of copying:

  • partial – with the creation of copies of critically important files;
  • of software – with the creation of copies of the original configuration;
  • full – the entire file system is being transferred.

Backup copies can be stored:


The document is saved directly on the server, is used as a rollback point in case of software failures. The advantages of this method include low implementation costs, the speed of saving copies. The disadvantages are high risk of losing the database due to the physical destruction of equipment, hardware seizure.

In separate systems.

Store unlimited volumes of data in the cloud; provide maximum level of protection by transferring databases to separate remote storage. The method guarantees absolute protection, is more reliable than the previous option, but requires a monthly subscription fee.

The company's employees will consult for free and offer a plan to ensure the safety of databases, based on the actual working conditions of the enterprise. We will select an individual solution that is maximally adapted to the reality of your business.

SoftDen – backups creation and storage

We provide a full range of services in the field of backup and recovery of physical, cloud and virtual data processing services, we manage the performance of servers in any environment. In the context of cooperation, we perform the following types of work:

  • we develop a strategy to store copies of databases in accordance with the scale of the client's business and the existing budget;
  • we design and implement backup, configure the system according to individual requirements (copy the data from the server, file system, databases (1C and other accounting programs), documents, files, email, etc.);
  • we develop cyber security system, apply continuous vulnerability scanning, encryption, SSL/AES, change detection and testing of data compression for data protection;
  • we monitor and analyze system activity;
  • maintenance of information archives;
  • in case of failures, we promptly restore system activity;
  • we update the software to the latest versions, bringing the system in line with new requirements.

5 reasons to entrust the organization of data backup and recovery to SoftDen



We integrate our backup and recovery software with existing business systems to prevent data loss and protect your assets.


Convenient terms of cooperation.

Customers can order backup setup on a one-time basis or sign a customer service contract.


24/7 technical support.

The system operation is monitored 24/7.



You can be sure that the data is securely protected, backup copies will support selective levels of data recovery.


Competitive price of the service.

The cost of setting up and maintaining the system is distinguished by its availability. The company's clients save on equipment and its maintenance.

SoftDen specialists will select the optimum alternative with regard to the level of tasks to be solved and the budget and will configure a reliable backup server for you on Linux, Windows. Please contact us for a detailed consultation. We will be happy to help you!

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