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As a manager, you certainly wondered how effectively your company's IT department works. You need an independent analysis to find out. That is an IT audit. It includes the examination of the work of all units, analysis, expert evaluation and helps to find a weakness in the system that keeps the company from growing and earning more.

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Time to carry out the IT audit


Inefficient information processes.

For example, the database constantly freezes, the software periodically bugs, or the server shutdown.


Reorganization of the company.

That also ensures the reorganization of a specific IT department. For example, you have changed the structure within the company, want to expand or open several offices in other cities. An audit will help to define what you should leave and what needs to change for greater efficiency.


The management structure or the chief has changed.

As we begin the work, it is important to know the state of the IT department, weaknesses, and opportunities to improve the situation.


The new software implementation.

We need an audit to prepare the system before implementation and then analyze its functioning.

About service

The purpose of IT audit usage

  • to assess the effectiveness of the IT infrastructure and other departments of the company;
  • to check the efficiency of employees and make it possible to increase it;
  • to identify weaknesses in the system and improve them;
  • to evaluate the security systems;
  • to check whether the company spends the budget correctly on equipment improvements, purchase of new software, maintenance, and so on;


How to provide audit

Collection of requirements

Set the purpose and objects of the audit.


We sign a confidentiality agreement to keep all your information safe.

Execution of works

We conduct an audit depending on its purpose: to check a specific area, quickly find problems or make a comprehensive analysis.


We provide a full report and give recommendations. We explain how this will help your business.

About service

IT audit types


This type collects general information about your company's IT infrastructure and provides a report. Also, it gives improvement tips.

In a certain area.

The expert analyzes a specific segment. For example, server or software. Then he provides a report, improvement tips, and performs a risk assessment.

By a certain criterion.

You choose it yourself, the expert analyzes, collects all the information about the system, makes speed test, fault tolerance, and efficiency. As a result, you get a full report. Also, if he finds problems, the expert will describe the causes and give recommendations on how to fix them.


The expert fully examines your company's IT infrastructure and provides a complete list of vulnerabilities and recommendations for their elimination. Also provides a strategy for further development.


Our benefits

Each staff member is selected for employment and regularly trained. Since we began operations, we have built and maintained systems support with completely different complexity, so we can run any task and perform it. Besides, we approach prices for each of our clients individually to make our services profitable.

Our goal is to help customers develop IT systems according to the needs of their business, so we are looking for an individual solution that will suit everyone.

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