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Today every office has PCs, telecommunication networks and various equipment, such as servers. In order for everything to work it is necessary to monitor, configure and solve problems at the initial stage. This way they will not affect the work of the company in the future. For this purpose the staff takes the system administrator or orders his services remotely. Here you will be able to order the system administration remotely. We work with physical servers and cloud technologies.

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7 services provided by the system administrator In most cases, they are


Selection of the server configuration for your tasks.

When you install a server, you need to clearly understand what task it will perform, how many people will work with it, and how much information it needs to process. The system administrator calculates that the server power is exactly enough and you don’t overpay.


Installing OS.

When you buy new hardware, in most cases you need to install a new operating system. The system administrator also connects the new server to the existing infrastructure and configures the interaction with other systems.


Software installation and configuration.

The system administrator selects the best version of the program, helps with the purchase, installs and tests.


Setting up a backup.

Yes, now you can optimize this process, but a specialist has to make sure that the copying is done correctly.


Performance optimization.

This applies to everything in general: hardware configuration, OS installation, new software configuration and testing, and so on. It all speeds up the work.


Monitoring settings.

To prevent the failure of the entire server, the system administrator searches for problems at an early stage.


Construction of fault-tolerant systems.

The specialist configures the system with maximum failure resistance for critical services and programs. This way the system itself will be able to withstand failures without downtime of programs and websites. He also constantly conducts performance reviews and uses software to improve safety.

Our benefits

Advantages of remote system administrator

Companies often employ people with little experience. Yes, they are able to install OS, configure the software, and so on. But not always such employees can prevent a problem or protect company information. At the same time, outsourced specialists are constantly trained, certified and know how to solve any problem. Plus, you’ll get someone who works in your field. Even if you hire a specialist with a lot of experience, you have to pay a regular salary and equip a workplace, so a remote employee is cheaper.


Each specialist works in his field and constantly learns, so he will be able to prevent any problem and protect your information.

We work 24/7

Our employees work 24/7 and do not leave unresolved problems when the working day in your company is over.

Individual approach

We accept any tasks and look for an individual solution for your business.

Flexible rates

We set a price for each client individually to make our services profitable.


How we work

Gathering requirements.

We determine what problem the system administrator should solve.

Composing specification.

We prescribe everything down to the smallest detail so that you get the necessary services.

Implementation phase.

We do everything according to the specification.


We check the system for performance.


We launch fully tested and working system.

Our services

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Servers support

Imagine you have installed and configured a server for your business to solve a specific task. You use it, everything works fine, but for no reason it crashes and, for example, your website stops working, and the mail does not receive letters from potential buyers.

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Servers configuration

A server - is a computer with more power that is capable of performing many tasks at once. It is connected 24 hours a day to the Internet and is needed to store data and provide it quickly to certain users.

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Backup and recovery

Configuration and maintenance backup systems for saving you critical data

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