DevOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization’s ability to deliver applications and services at high velocity and quality.

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DevOps is an effective symbiosis of development and operation

The IT company SoftDen offers to order a comprehensive DevOps service. The name denotes an innovative approach to launching IT projects, that implies a number of advantages, among them: significant savings and reduction of time to make changes to the software, check the correctness of edits. As a result, your product effectively enters the market and gets an advantage over competitors. Learn more about new business opportunities.

DevOps features: two in one

White to play and win – the main advantage of the first move. Become one of the first to use the method of promoting business in an online environment – “development and operations”.

DevOps includes a combination of two previously separated areas: software development (Dev) and operations (Ops). The method is based on close communication and mutual participation of both departments to improve the working processes and the quality of the supply of goods at the stage of production of an advertising product. Working together allows you to overcome obstacles faster and present the brand faster and more effectively.

DevOps technology is recommended to be used by organizations of the banking sector, telecommunications, mass media, Internet portals, and companies engaged in the field of e-commerce. The solution optimally fits into the business processes of enterprises that regularly implement changes in the production environment and want to implement their plans in the shortest possible time and with high quality.

5 reasons to use DevOps service

DevOps is a methodology for everyone who wants to achieve maximum business flexibility and quickly respond to changes in market trends. The service allows you to achieve the following advantages:


Tight time limits for the implementation of tasks.

Act quickly. Implement innovations for customers to quickly adapt to changing markets and effectively achieve business results. The DevOps model allows developers and operational specialists to achieve results faster.


Quality of work.

Developers and operational teams work closely together, share multiple responsibilities and combine workflows. Interaction reduces inefficiency and saves time, minimizes errors.



Coordinate infrastructure and development processes at any scale. Automation and consistency of individual departments help to effectively manage complex or dynamic development, testing, and production environments with less risk.



Ensure the quality of application updates and infrastructure changes while maintaining a positive experience for end-users. Use the methods of continuous integration and presentation of new products and make sure that each change fully works. Monitoring and logging help you to get real-time performance information.



Act quickly, monitor, and follow the rules. You can apply the DevOps model without sacrificing security by applying automated compliance policies, precise controls, and configuration management methods. Use infrastructure and policy as code-define and track compliance at scale.

DevOps step by step

Within the DevOps framework SoftDen performs:

Infrastructure design / Creating an infrastructure


Continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD)

The practice of continuous integration and implementation. The main task is to create a consistent and automated process of product assembly and testing, and later – its implementation and maintenance. The method allows you to make any changes to the code regularly and update the system at minimal intervals. Specialist teams shorten the task execution time by eliminating the time to perform monotonous tasks related to compiling, testing, and distributing code.


Microservice is a compact application aimed at performing a single task. The element is easily changed, developed, and installed without interfering with the structure of the main code. A simple example is interactive pop-ups, share buttons, etc.

DevOps consulting

We will help you to develop and implement secure, reliable, and scalable system deployments, automate the engineering process, implement the continuous deployment (CD) and integration (CI) method. We will develop a flexible DevOps strategy plan adapted to the specifics of the client's business. We will write scripts, work out aspects of automation, virtualization technologies, containerization, cloud providers.

Log management and Monitoring

We will provide system administration services for the created systems. Constant monitoring and logging of emerging problems will allow you to respond in a timely manner to possible errors and threats and guarantee the safe and round-the-clock operation of the product.

You can order DevOps and other types of IT services on a turnkey basis in the company SoftDen. Do you have any questions about cooperation, are you interested in how we can help to automate your business and optimize management costs? The company's manager will advise you. We will be happy to help!

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Infrastructure design

A flexible, reliable, and secure IT infrastructure can help a company to quickly achieve its business goals, gain a competitive advantage and increase the profitability of the enterprise.

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Microservices are a recommended solution if it is necessary to frequently test new functions, check the reaction of users to innovations.

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Continuous integration CI/CD

Continuous integration and deployment is a set of techniques and advanced practices for working on IT projects.

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DevOps consulting

The introduction of the method increases the overall efficiency and flexibility of work processes by accelerating the implementation of solutions, improving the quality of services and the level of service.

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Monitoring and logging

Log Management and Monitoring are actions and processes used to create, collect, centralize, analyze, transfer, store, archive and delete data.

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