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This is a small website with usually only a few pages. We need it to convey all the necessary information to the person and do it consistently and concisely. The primary advantage is that it does not require such costs as a full-fledged site. Therefore, it is suitable for starting a business or an individual. We create business card sites of any complexity, design, and further support. If your company grows in the future, we will expand the business card site to make it a full-fledged corporate website.

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About service

Why do you need a business card site

  • the company, its activities, services, experience, and other aspects;
  • a specific person, such as a photographer, and show his work;
  • services to whom they are suitable, how to simplify life, work and so on with their help;
  • everything about the product or good: from application to detailed characteristics.

About service

Business card website: benefits for your business

  • Price. Much lower than a full-fledged website. If you are just starting a business, this is the best option to tell potential customers about yourself.
  • Fat startup. If you plan to make the site the primary source of customers, then with a business card site you can start working faster.
  • Opportunity to expand in the future. As the company grows, you will add pages to get a full-fledged corporate website.
  • Easy maintenance, because the site has only a few pages on which you will spend less money.
  • Suitable for creating a portfolio for freelancers.

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