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Design is the first thing that catches a person's attention on your site. A matter of taste, we suppose. Some people won't like it at all, others will be thrilled. You will not please everyone, in the light of that belief, and you don't have to, but there is also a UI / UX design, the purpose of which is to make your site as convenient and user-friendly as possible. Any site user should easily find what he needs and take targeted action. But design is not the only interest that must be considered. Also, think about interface usability.

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What is UI / UX design?

UI. Means what experience and impressions one gets, for example, after ordering on your site. Whether the user did it, in general, with little difficulty.

UX. Determines your site design. As to the color of the buttons, for example, to fill applications or to the readability of the fonts. You know, keep things, so that people do not have problems with the interface.

Well, the design of the website is important, but the ease of use is equally worth it. If at first, a potential customer fails in finding the form or cannot fill it out, it is likely he will leave and then find the easy-to-use website.

The fundamental goals

Determine the exact purpose of the site.

This could be the contacts collecting for further mailing, website purchases, or "getting the information out" to the user. For example, in the case of a blog or news resource.

Develop a user-friendly product.

The target audience should use the site intuitively so that the person could make the target action: order, leave the request, write a comment or read the article to the end.

Analyze the result and further refine it.

Whether the site is fit for its goal, whether it has a user-friendly interface, and whether users are having difficulty running it. It’s all analyzed and then corrected.

What is the UI / UX design for?

Complex systems

For example, online stores, where you need to make easy and usable order placement procedures and other things.

Visiting online stores, man interacts with the interface: choose a category, use a filter, open a product page, browse pics and place an order. If a problem occurs at one stage, most likely you will lose the customer. So, in the basket, we can find incomplete orders. We had to update such sites constantly to make them convenient and easy for users.


Here is important to get feedback at the start and complete the site in time.

This is how it works: people create a product, make a website, get feedback and make corrections. You can quickly get feedback from potential customers and make them fulfill a certain goal on the site.

What design we can offer you

  • a single-page site so that the customer takes targeted action and does not face problems;
  • an online store where people use the interface the most;
  • a corporate website so that a potential partner, investor, or client can easily find out everything that interests him;
  • promotional sites to bring necessary information about the new product;
  • online service, where you can immediately get feedback and fix the interface.

Why we?

Our benefits

Customer focus

We focus on the client and always adapt to his tasks, opportunities and budget.

Full immersion in the project

We study each project in detail and immerse ourselves in it to pinpoint the goal and make it as convenient as possible for the target audience.

Qualified specialists

Each employee goes through several stages of selection, and during the work improves skills. We do not just make websites, but create complex systems where we process every detail.

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