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If you need to sell a specific product or service, landing is best. This is a page where visitors come from search, contextual advertising, targeting, and so on. Conversion plays a significant role in landing because you spend money on advertising and have to pay for it and make a profit. Therefore, it is better to give the development of such a page to experts. We make the landing of any complexity. Its design and support are available in the future.

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Types of landings


For the sale of goods and services

The purpose of the first is to tell about a product or service and sell it. Such a page should contain the maximum amount of information needed by the customer. Also, the ability to leave a request or make a purchase easily. Additional content as photos and videos, optionally.



Information landings include pages such as resumes or portfolios. For example, you edit and post videos you've already made.

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Landing page: 4 key elements

Structure and design.

How you provide a potential customer with the information depends on the correct structure. For example, the first screens should show what kind of product or service you propose, who needs them, and clarifies it with the content. And then go screens with reviews, popular questions, and applications. The design should be memorable, not stereotyped so that users immediately recognize your landing page.

Selling text.

Note that it only works with logical structure and design. With the help of the text, you briefly and clearly provide the person with the information about your services. The fewer questions the client has after reading, the better.

Purchase, register, or order in 1 click.

Be sure to place prominently. A person should not look around the landing page for how to order a product or service. Otherwise, you may lose it.

Content: videos, photos, etc.

It is always better to show the product in pictures or tell about it in video format. People are more likely to view photos, such as jewelry than to read about it. If you can show that with content, you need to do it.

About service

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