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If you have your company and want to tell about it on the Internet, then you need a corporate website. It will help attract customers and potential partners. It describes the history of the company, the major benefits, services, products, and everything the person needs to know visiting the website. There is no need to do it yourself or order it from freelancers. On such a site, there's too much to think of, so it works and develops the brand. It is best to seek web development from professionals who also design and maintain the site if necessary.

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3 types of corporate web sites


Corporate business card site.

Suitable for small companies that are just starting out but already know the target audience. It can be just a few pages with basic information about the company, a list of services, sometimes a price, contacts, and the application form. Also, you'll be able to add new sections and pages all the time along with the company's development.


Catalog site.

Performs 2 functions at once: tells about the company and allows you to sell goods. Such sites provide detailed information about the service or product and characteristics. It is also suitable for those who cannot always set current prices through, for example, exchange rates. Then there is an order according to the customer's parameters or you offer special conditions.


Info portal.

The only type of corporate website that is not for sale. They are created as communities, interest groups, or news sites. But they also help to earn. For example, you can place free courses but advertise full paid ones.

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What is important when creating a corporate website

  • structure so that any user can quickly find the necessary information or easily leave their contacts;
  • design to create a company image that people will remember;
  • functionality, as any corporate site must solve a specific task for which we create it: sell or tell about the company;
  • the availability of the necessary information for the visitor to find the answer to any of his questions without contacting you;
  • Phone version, because now most people don't use a computer while looking for goods and services.

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We use the best approaches in technology and the customer's field. Also, we test each specialist in several stages, work on the Agile approach and undertake any task. We will select a proposal specifically for your business to solve the problem and bring it on budget.

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